Project informations - Work programme
Implementation of the project comprises 4 phase:
PHASE I - Preparation / Analysis Phase
PHASE II - Curriculums Development Phase
PHASE III - Testing Phase
PHASE IV - Evaluation/Dissemination Phase
PHASE I - will last 8 months and include the following items:
  • appointment of managing structure,
  • detailed work plan elaboration for all phases and for working group WG1
  • analysis of demand for economic animator,
  • analysis of current educational offers,
  • elaboration of rules of comparative analysis in various regions,
  • draft assumption for the full version of 3 teaching programmes.


PHASE II -  will last 14 months and include the following items:
  • elaboration of detailed work plan for working groups: WG2 – WG4,
  • development of full version of 3 teaching programmes for 2 semester of study,
  • elaboration of shortened version of 3 teaching programmes for testing them by particular partners,
  • development of teaching support.
PHASE III - will last 8 months and include the following items:
  • selection of teachers/trainers and groups of trainees, and preparation of pilot courses/trainings,
  • testing of the developed curriculums in their shortened version by particular partners with selected target groups,
  • evaluation of pilot training results.
PHASE IV - will last 6 months and include the following items:
  • overworking of the curriculums and syllabuses,
  • re-design of the teaching programmes as regards with particular partner needs,
  • development of the Partnership Srategy defining the rules of exchange of programmes and teacher/trainers after the project completion in order to guarantee sustainability of the project result,
  • publication and dissemination of the project final results.

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