Partnership - The Umbria Training Center

 The Umbria Training Center  has been carrying out training and refresher courses, exchange projects and placements with its foreign partners in many different sectors

for the past 8 years both within the framework and outside the European Union Initiatives. It is working with young people in professional training, trainers and people in continuing education (employees and job seekers). The UTC collaborates with the public bodies, SMEs and local partners pursuing the following aims:

  • fostering local sustainable development,
  • promoting the European mobility in the professional training system,
  • facilitating access of young people to the labour market.

Moreover, the UTC realises projects aimed at fostering access to the labour market through real and simulated experience, e.g. marketing plans and feasibility studies, communication courses and games to stimulate creativity.
The UTC takes part in such project activities as:

  • development of curricula for economic animator relating to the rural/local development,
  • testing the curriculum for the animator of regional development,
  • consultancy, advice and participation in the quality system development,
  • analysis of the labour market, development of mobility programmes for trainers, learners and employees,
  • participation in management of the project, dissemination activities and networking development.

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