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Dissemination strategy was prepared by a group of the representatives of the project consortium and includes actions showed in the next part of dissemination description.

The Steering Committee is responsible for coordination of the dissemination activities. The actions are  addressed to various groups, audiences, stakeholders, taking into consideration three different ways:

  • Dissemination for Awareness for those target audiences that not require a detailed knowledge of the project activities but it is helpful for them to be aware of the project objectives and expected outcomes (for example regional/local authorities, entrepreneur organisations),
  • Dissemination for Understanding will be addressed to the groups/audiences that can benefit from the project results (end users),
  • Dissemination for Actions related to all groups/audiences/stakeholders interested in the project objectives and results.

Dissemination activities already started on the very early stage of the proposal preparation and consortium building, including exchange of information about needs related to the project objectives in various European and Polish regions. It was a kind of awareness and understanding of the rising activities.

After the project completion “Partnership strategy” – document developed during the project implementation – will define the division of duties for all project partners and external partners in the implementation of the project’s results. The newly-trained specialists (economic animators) will be one of elements disseminating the newly acquired knowledge through their work at the state and self government administration, consulting centres, training units and institutions supporting innovation, mainly those working far away from the capital and academic centres especially in the rural area.

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