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In the face of changing market conditions, the SMEs have to adapt themselves to market needs and requirements, and therefore need professional experts/consultants as well as managers and employees able to resolve problems and to make them competitive on joint European market.

Whereas regional authorities, for their pro-innovation regional system need well-trained experts, knowing how to cope with economic, scientific and technological changes in an increasingly competitive world.

Because of the above needs of companies and regional authorities, it is necessary for universities and vocational-education centres to react swiftly and enable students not only to establish and run their own businesses, but to become economic animators in the regional environment, also on the international level. The animation of economy should include the development of entrepreneurship, technological development of companies and local development.

The need for a new profession – economic animator – evolved during preparations of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian region for accession to the European Union and discussion with the experts from France (region Midi Pirenee), Spain (region Gobierno Vasco) and Sweden (region Östergottland). Justification of the new profession was later confirmed during the three preparatory meetings. They indicated on many obstacles in economic development on regional and local level in Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and France and in other European Countries as a result of lack of qualified workers and specialists in technological, entrepreneurial and regional development.

Animatorzy Animatorzy Animatorzy

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